Leviticus 11: The House

Been working on a new Leviticus album, the sequel which continues the original 2015 album.  There will be a total of three albums with seven movements each, each movement depicting a specific teaching in the book of Leviticus.  Society is in direct defiance of this book, which is considered the most shunned book of today.  Hence the importance of this task.

Would like to share the latest work.  This movement is based off of the House, found in Leviticus 14. The owner shall go to the priests and have them inspect for any form of plague… that it be fully removed from the abode.



Been doing some question-and-answer videos the last few weeks, and recording the following last night.  It is a long, yet awesome video recording.  Goes over a variety of different subjects concerning the script.  Uncensored and to the point.

Sadly these sort of conversations do not happen often, even though people all around have these questions.  Know there are some people out there who will appreciate this video.

Thank you Yaseph for your participation.  You asked some really good questions.


Get Out While You Still Can

This is based on a conversation on a video with my brother Yishai.  Would post the video, yet the video is very disturbing and cannot share it here.

Concerning the spiritual realm at this time:

The current activity we see today of these dark forces is considered normal and popular in today’s society. We are opening portals that will destroy us. Right now it’s Pokemon and has a cute face. Tomorrow, these same entities will show the gremlin within. The media has direct connection to the word medium. It is based on a coven. Realize this, and see that this is the natural progression of these dark forces. This is a last call to this generation before the storm. Get out while you still can. Get out of the cities.

If you truly seek the Father, and call upon him, he will prepare you for the times ahead. It starts in the spirit. Spiritually depart from the cities. Depart from the influence. Do not let it infest your children lest your family be victims. It is this defilement of the flesh, and the mixing that will destroy your home. Guard the door to your home. And put the blood on the doorpost. He will remember his covenant.

A prayer of one pure, righteous man is greater than tens of thousands of hexes.

Trump is simply a judgement.  That is what his name means and that is his purpose.  A tyrant that the Father has brought to power to judge us.  Because we didn’t listen…  it will lead to a major spanking.

Can’t you sense the weeping and nashing of teeth?



Spiritual Symbolism of the Script found with the Jedi in Star Wars

Although we highly recommend watching this video series from the very beginning, thought this early video would clarify the base of what this series is about.

Again, these messages are very controversial (it will offend people), yet it is something that needs to be shared at this time.  It will go outside of the parameters of religion and Star Wars fandom.


Over the last year, since the last post, been working with Aharon with creating a 30-hour, four volume series called Jedihood.  You can look it up on YouTube or go to Jedihood.com.

Some might be confused about what this message is about, yet it is a very important message, and one that clearly illustrates a strong persona (The Shepard, The Judge) found in the scriptures and how it is directly connected (however distorted) with the Jedi in Star Wars.   This is very controversial and will offend most people.  Once you see it though, it cannot be denied.

Let me go ahead and share the current teaser for the project:

Censored Truth, Uncensored Filth

Disappointed in the direction of this society.  There is so many things to comment on, socially, politically, economically, religiously… yet there is no point wasting breath to something which is made up in the minds of countless lost… acting as robotic resources.  Further rushing to complete a task to keep up a corrupted system.

There was an older video of very old music worship songs, made for educational reasons, which was muted by a copyright holder.  It wasn’t popular, and was done humbly to promote the music so people knew it existed.  All the while we allow the filth to be uncensored, done in the worse of intentions.

Common sense seems to be outlawed in our world today.  In an attempt to change the normal, there is more and more confusion, uncertainty, yet up comes a visage to hide the ignorance.  A vanity stare.

We are too busy creating names for ourselves, creating structures of men.  And they will all fall like the sand… because it is not built on the foundation of truth, but opinion.  And opinion, like the onion, will be peeled back to the point nothing remains.  And many will cry on that day.

Whoever is called to do so, let us pray for whoever remains with a humble, willing soul, to stand firm to Yah’s calling, and do what is right regardless of the ways of people worship.  Hopefully those words will not be muted within.