Spiritual Symbolism of the Script found with the Jedi in Star Wars

Although we highly recommend watching this video series from the very beginning, thought this early video would clarify the base of what this series is about.

Again, these messages are very controversial (it will offend people), yet it is something that needs to be shared at this time.  It will go outside of the parameters of religion and Star Wars fandom.



Over the last year, since the last post, been working with Aharon with creating a 30-hour, four volume series called Jedihood.  You can look it up on YouTube or go to Jedihood.com.

Some might be confused about what this message is about, yet it is a very important message, and one that clearly illustrates a strong persona (The Shepard, The Judge) found in the scriptures and how it is directly connected (however distorted) with the Jedi in Star Wars.   This is very controversial and will offend most people.  Once you see it though, it cannot be denied.

Let me go ahead and share the current teaser for the project: