Who is your Lord?

In order to be knighted… one must kneel. The act alone should come without haste — for the path is one of servitude.

The Jedi in Star Wars come from myth, similar to the Knights of the Round Table or the Samurai. They represent a higher standard. Truth, justice, order, peace… values which promote responsibility, consequence, and sacrifice.

The goal is simple — letting go of yourself, your fleshly desires, to act in servility towards the will of your Lord. The orders given should not be questioned, yet simply followed… without hesitation or complaint. To submit to the calling. Knighthood is about giving a pure, undefiled loyalty to the Master — an act done without remorse… or regret. The directive is to surrender.

Everyone, in truth, follows a Master — yet we must come to realize who our Master is. Ask yourself… who is your Lord? Who is your Shogun? And will you die for that Lord?

To know the answer, one must first experience. This means relationship. To die of self, to unlearn what has been learned, and to hear the message being given. This is destiny. In the outcome, the Knight must stem from the roots of obedience. To serve with virtue. Even if it means going against the grain. Even if it requires desires to fall by the wayside.

Some on the path may see the roots of freedom… and allow the impression to form a cause of rebelliousness. For others, equality… though failures of many occupy their journey’s route. As for works… the sands of time wear down the complacent statue. Test spirits and learn the grounds you stand. For many worship an ideal or symbol… while not knowing what presence is behind such.

Be mindful of the Emperor. He uses many, controls many, manipulating legions by using their wanton lusts to commit them as fodder for an evil cause. If he can dominate an entire Order… surely he can dominate a weak-minded soul.

Weakness… is ignorance. Know your Lord.


The Task of Admission

Today I was reminded of the limitations of human altruism. In an effort to plead my case to my overseer, I allowed my desire to prove validation to overpower guardianship.

To know one’s role in a family unit is important – and sometimes a slip of recognition can lead, at a moments notice, to dire consequences. We all make mistakes. The solution lies in allowing humility to completely override personal endorsement. Are we too vexed in proving a point? While, in the background, the order of reverence goes awry? If so, we must recognize the misdeed and confront it in admission. Only then can absolution take hold.

Our subjection to those who mentor us needs to be constantly combed for possible insurgence… for we cannot allow discussion to give us ability to equate with our rightful shepherd. Do not allow fears of inner confrontation sustain an outside rebelliousness. Admit your wrongs without a moments hesitation. The sooner, the better. One made, the ship can then be put back on course… and the path will be made straight.

The sooner this lesson is learned, the greater its wisdom will be received.


There is a time for make-believe. As an adept, it allows us to mimic the activities we see our elders partaking in. Though when the time of maturity comes, do we miss the opportunity to set aside the façade and reveal the growth we have achieved? Or do we still play the play?

It is too easy for many to get stuck in the ritual, and not the rightness. Energy is wasted on an habitual activity instead of the significant message it promotes.

Why do we so easily hide in the apparel? To look apparent? Be leery of any visage which might harness a deception. Are you really you? Ask this question often. Do you dress up in a name, a technique, a set of clothes, or a wielding sword… to make yourself a spectacle? If so, let go of such things. And be adult.

Do not allow the truth you once represented to be transformed into the darkest lie. The image is seductive…. And once you start down such a path, it will eventually dominate and control you… hook, line, and sinker.


Many of the things we do are referenced by the actions of others. “Imitation is,” indeed, “the highest form of flattery,” a quote given by a 19th Century writer. It is only natural for children to mimic the nurture provided by friends, parents, and siblings.

But what happens when we imitate sources that are not only an illusion… but a lie?

As a social culture, we idolize movie stars, comic super heros, sports teams, all kinds of individuals and groups displayed in the media. These models can be extremely manipulative in how we function in our world. We allow these authorities to direct our lives, teaching us how to work, speak, and think.

Is it for the best? Perhaps we are living in dangerous days.

Edward Bernays, an intellectual who maintained a long and productive life as an advertising genius, understood the effective use of propaganda. In his book entitled by the same name, Propaganda, he wrote an interesting paragraph which, when heard, has kept me rather leery when looking towards finite sources. He wrote:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.

As learners, we need to be careful who and what we look up to. We are all children in this sense. And we need to mindful of the things we advocate — for our preferences might not be our own… but from those who desire to indoctrinate our thoughts and movements.

For if a tiny parasite can easily manipulate its host… how much more can a spiritual faculty?

Be awake.


Sometimes the best move is not to make one at all.

It is very easy for external pressures to create an unnecessary urge to react. How many disasters could you have avoided, if you only controlled the compulsion to act in your apathy?

Some battles are not worth fighting while some certainly are; know the war at hand. Be vigilant and test the spirits. What is the goal?

We are easily manipulated and enslaved. Take note of the history of the world. How many dictators have we seen? How many of us do their bidding? And how easy is it for these tyrants to mold our minds? Make us do things we think we want to do, yet don’t?

As written in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “All warfare is based on deception.” The greatest move your real enemy can make is form a false enemy in its place. How so many waste their strength on a facade. Why fight a shadow? Why chase a string?

Why spin the mouse wheel?

Stop and see the matter at hand. This means it will get uncomfortable. It will be irritating. It won’t be popular and you won’t get brownie points.

The truth is we are selfish. Very selfish. We think too much about ourselves and what we want and need. And we wonder why things go bad? Maybe it is because we help cause it – trying to fit round pegs in square holes. It’s a game you will always loose.

Here is wisdom: the war is within! Humble yourself, put the game away. Admit your falsehoods. And change. That is the path toward victory.

The Tree of Life

I never thought I would say this, but I’m seriously considering going back and revamping the Jedi Creed website.

I’m starting to realize its one of the oldest known active sites in the community still existing, now that the original Jedi Academy and Force Academy has moved on with time. On August 6th, the Creed will be 15 years old.

All of the Creed Members have retired now. Much has changed since I left in 2006 and my viewpoints in my seven years of silence have greatly matured and expanded. There are many things that would need to be updated, altered, and added upon.

In the end, it may evolve into simply The Creed Website, as I’ve moved way beyond ‘the mere entertainment’ now owned by Disney. Never would I have thought I would see the day when the serious concepts of Jedi would have an equal standing with fairy tale princes and pirates of cartoons and CGI movies, but, then again, maybe that is where it belonged in the first place. I should have saw it back in in 1999 – I was young though at 18.

But something was left behind during the transition from Phantom Menace to the sale of Star Wars. And there are people hungry for truth with a story they can relate to, without the religious structures and regulations which have controlled so many people then and now. I left at the time when I started seeing this same controlling mentality enter even this mythical story. On one hand, you had Jediism religions and the damage it has done. On the other hand… the playful Jedi who want to wield their toy lightsabers.

Within all this nonsense, I gleaned at whatever little truth was there. And realized it was so mixed up that it was time to leave the community tree altogether.

I’m hoping now that maybe, just maybe, I could cut off the branch the Creed started back then. The original questioning of beliefs we asked about then… without focusing on an energy that has to have dark and light, as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Maybe, from this time forward, we can focus on the light of the Tree of Life.

There are some serious, real-world things that need to be said and it’s not going to be popular or fun. Some things will need to be scraped and cut off. I don’t need an audience anymore, as I’ve been equally part of both sides of the spectrum within 15 years.

What is it about now though? Maybe its worth doing in order to find a certain few. Maybe that is my calling in life, I don’t know.

I do know that, even though the original house must burn down, there is still another foundation to be planted upon these old rocks.