Been doing some question-and-answer videos the last few weeks, and recording the following last night.  It is a long, yet awesome video recording.  Goes over a variety of different subjects concerning the script.  Uncensored and to the point.

Sadly these sort of conversations do not happen often, even though people all around have these questions.  Know there are some people out there who will appreciate this video.

Thank you Yaseph for your participation.  You asked some really good questions.



Spiritual Symbolism of the Script found with the Jedi in Star Wars

Although we highly recommend watching this video series from the very beginning, thought this early video would clarify the base of what this series is about.

Again, these messages are very controversial (it will offend people), yet it is something that needs to be shared at this time.  It will go outside of the parameters of religion and Star Wars fandom.


Over the last year, since the last post, been working with Aharon with creating a 30-hour, four volume series called Jedihood.  You can look it up on YouTube or go to Jedihood.com.

Some might be confused about what this message is about, yet it is a very important message, and one that clearly illustrates a strong persona (The Shepard, The Judge) found in the scriptures and how it is directly connected (however distorted) with the Jedi in Star Wars.   This is very controversial and will offend most people.  Once you see it though, it cannot be denied.

Let me go ahead and share the current teaser for the project:

Beware of the Leaven

Malcolm Smith is a wonderful teacher.  Heard him back in the 90’s and really was able to go beyond the religion box.  As most of you might know, by the late 90’s was getting tired of the religious system, or churchianity.

Here is a video that was recently listened to which was heard back in the early teens.  Be Aware of the Leaven.  Great message.


The Burning

Finally nearing the end of the move.  Enjoying the new house.

There have been many things on my mind, especially the last few weeks with the US judicial rulings on gay marriage (oxymoron) and health care, the vaccine ruling in California, and the earthquake concerns in the Pacific Northwest.

Even now, with more things that could be said… it seems best to remain silent and allow consequential judgment to take place.  The world is no longer recognizable as it was in my early years.  We are definitely heading into a new world… for the worse.

Felt this video would be appropriate for now.  When the time comes, more will be said.  But, for now, it seems best to pray and fast for the times ahead.

Ten Books

It’s been interesting to see the type of books that have been added to this individual’s library.

As the quality of books goes down, faster the resolve to pick certain ones up… before they disappear from print.

In fact, books, as we once knew them, appear to be going extinct.  Most now appear to be  escapist amusement… or display of grandiose listings of generalized, functional facts.  The lesson behind the matter is less fluid.

As we see book stores closing down, and a heavy sanitation of subject matter, the more Rod Sterling’s play of the Obsolete Man comes to mind.

What is the new function of the learned?

Research papers are now mostly online based.  Gone are the days when encyclopedia references are displayed proudly at home.  As we gain more conveniences, we find less of a need to question the formulas set upon us — and simply build upon those formulas.  Simply because it works towards the desired result.

Yet we are clueless… to the end result.

Currently, this individual is in the process of moving into a new house.  Just about all of the books are in storage at this point, although found the need to keep ten at bay just prior to the move.

Here is a basic list:

  • The Bible (King James Version)
  • The Scriptures 1998 (Institute for Scriptural Research)
  • Tanach (Stone Edition)
  • Complete Jewish Bible (Stern)
  • The Interlinear Bible (Hebrew/Greek/English, Green)
  • Strong’s Concordance
  • Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary
  • Behold a Pale Horse (Cooper)
  • The New World Order (Epperson)
  • Large fictional book to study as social commentary (shall remain nameless)

Didn’t realize the totality of books actually kept, until now.  And mind you that these are not necessarily the favorites – there are many other good ones on hold (perhaps they will be shared in due season).

But this is the material near my bedside.  It shares some interesting observations.

Which leads to the question – what are the ten books you currently reference? What type of material do they exploit, and what purpose do they serve?

It may tell you something.

Anyways, that is it for now.  Go ahead and watch the Episode if you haven’t yet.  Good night.

The Origin is The Future: Babylon and the American Spirit

This time, would like to share an old, forgotten video that provides a very well-researched presentation from the Scriptures and early sources using an interlinear approach.  The speaker here is Rick Coombes, a departed soul who allows the truth to be unearthed… regardless of his traditions or opinions.

There are many things that can be said on Babylon (which will be referenced in later posts), but this video gives meat and is one of my favorite references.

If your appetite is wetted after this, a suggestion would be to focus on one of the main heads of the Babylonian system… by reading The Two Babylons by Alex Hislop.  A great read.

Current Audio of The Two Babylons (maybe one day will create own reading):